Throwback to Hossegor last summer.
One day when we’ve been at the supermarket and on our way home, a car drowe by and someone in the backseat threw something at us. I remember that I thought it was some sort of a soft ball and thought: ”Why are they throwing that at us for?” It was a water balloon.
We didn’t see it in time so Karin got hit. At first we were pissed but after a couple of minutes we laughed. Yes, we were very happy that it was water and nothing else in it. Then in our apartment where Alex and Joel had woke up.
And they said: ”What happened to you? Why are you soaked Karin?” We told them what happened and we all laughed.
They said: ”It’s a compliment!”

Pretty great view we had from our balcony, right! Watched the waves, grabbed our boards and ran down at the beach and out in the water. That’s life! It certainly is!



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